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About Liz Becker

I’m Liz Becker. I got interested in public service because my mom used to give away my shoes. I always had an “extra” pair or two, and my mom, a guidance counselor, was always coming across someone who had none. My family was frequently involved in volunteer work and it opened my eyes to the harsh reality faced by so many: with no bootstraps, there is no way to pull yourself up.

I was raised in rural South Carolina. I rode horses and ate my fair share of venison. As a Democrat, I would not have had any friends growing up if I didn’t get along with folks that have different political leanings.

I am an environmental scientist and most recently worked for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. I like to run, go camping, and spend time with my family. My husband, Michael, is an Air Force veteran. He and I have raised three children in this community—his two children from a prior marriage (Kris, 29 and Kaitlin, 26), and our daughter, Charlotte (8). I’m a former teacher and am from a family of educators.