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For the past several months, I went on a listening tour of Senate District 18. Your number one concern? Politicians putting aside partisan differences to get things done. From these conversations and the experiences I gained through working in this community for the last 15 years, I identified the following priorities to move Nevada forward.

1. Preparing for a Sustainable Future

As an environmental scientist trained at UNLV, I have been focused on climate change mitigation for two decades. In the last session, the legislature unanimously passed a bill setting the goal of 50% of Nevada’s power to be generated by renewables by 2030. To meet this ambitious and needed goal, we must work rapidly to increase solar, wind, and geothermal capacity. Nevada is poised to be a national leader in the transition of our economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We also have work to do to speed the transition to electric vehicles and better, more efficient public transportation. Water conservation will also be essential in the next few decades.  Our community is a worldwide leader in innovative water conservation solutions and I support continued advancements in drought management.

2. Community Safety

From protecting our children in crosswalks as they travel to and from school to preventing unintentional child shootings and suicides, I have been working on community safety issues for years, as a volunteer with Moms Demand Action and as a concerned parent.  We have had great leadership from Metro’s Northwest Area Command and our district is lucky to be home to a larger percentage of active-duty military and veterans than the rest of the Valley. We have had a building boom in SD18 and there is work to do to maintain safety on our streets and in our beautiful public parks. Reach out via email with concerns you may have and I will work to address them!

3. Education

Quality, public schools are essential to ensuring a strong society. Whether or not we individually have children in public schools, we are all affected by problems stemming from poorly functioning schools – such as delinquency, petty crime, and increased gang membership. We have to educate children in this community for jobs in this community. We need to increase the number of well-trained teachers and mental health professionals in our schools and reduce class sizes.   After graduation, strong apprenticeships and certification programs, as well as affordable higher education, are integral parts of preparing our young people for the economy of the future.

4. Addiction and Recovery

We are more than the sum of our choices. Like so many of us, our family has been visited by the scourge of drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is often a disease of despair. Long term, we need to work collectively to create a world that is worth living for, where everyone is valued and our communities are strong. In the here and now, we need to vastly increase our capacity to treat addicts’ minds, bodies, and souls. Peer recovery programs, live-in treatment, adequate social support, and safe, affordable, and stable living situations for those just released from treatment have been shown to decrease recidivism.

5. Healthcare

Access to healthcare is a human right. No family should go bankrupt because of medical bills. I have heard you loud and clear that drug prices must be controlled and you want insurance companies out of your decision-making.  As a provider of post-partum care, I have seen firsthand the difference a few extra minutes with a caring nurse or doctor can make for a patient. Training and retaining quality medical professionals in our own state will help alleviate the strain on our hospitals.

6. Economy

Our state is hurting right now and so many hard-working Nevadans are out of work. Our first priority must be to take care of our vulnerable neighbors – I have witnessed countless selfless acts of generosity these past few months. To come back economically from this time, we need decisive leadership and planning. Governor Sisolak’s guidance has been strong and evidence-based.  Please reach out if you are having a hard time accessing resources – I would love to help connect you with anything you need!